One of the ideas that people are approached with at certain times is to make intimacy and passion as integral as possible, to have a thought of having a great time with your partner; the reason is the excitement and motivation to be in rapport with your partner. However, to this definition, to get excellent results you must initially free yourself from noisy little things such as: to think that you are going to fail, this is worth, affects both men and women, the idea that you must be a guru in the art of love and sex at first and the fears of taboo order you have to leave them aside, it is about doing things with delicacy and in the measure that this divine fire invades them; therefore, to know and make your partner feel good or wonderful, is a work of the confidence between both, is to know when your mind and body are put in tune and of this. Now, sex tips, sometimes they are or are not, well taken depending on what needs you have and what your doubt is; to which I say the following, the first thing to concentrate on affinity and liking between partners, sharing beyond the poetic and idyllic, with the reality and human nature of manifest in that moment are the perfect combination, which opens when you look your partner in the eyes, then, to know every corner, giving rein to the lines of the skin and its nerve endings with part of the unique sensation is a good step. So, hugging, kissing with confidence will break the fear or momentary scare, know what is the real point of your partner and take it afloat, you will be triumphant.