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Arrow coleccion de oro de high energy verciones completas

Colecicion de oro de High Energy vol 1

1: fancy Megamix
2: K.Barre Right by the moon
3: Ken Lazlo hey hey guy
4: people Like us Heart in the night
5: the break out break out
6: Maltese mama
7: Joy Peters Dont lose your heart tonight
8: Lian Ross fantasi
9: Den Harrow future brain
10: saphir i am alive
11: Jessica chinese magic



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 2

1: Boytronic hurts
2: varios maximania
3: Sisley Ferre please stay with
4: Man 2 Man energy is eurobeat
5: Jackie quartz ala vic alamour
6: Rocky M disco lady
7: Richie try it on
8: Den Harrow future brian
9: Squash Gang moving your hips
10: Bad Boys Blue lady in blak
11: GG Near living in a room
12 Vivian Vee americano
13 :Casablanca The girls of lucifer



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 3

1 : Righ by the moon
2 : Brsekout
3 : shaker shake
4 : Whatch out
5 : Touch in the night
6 : Eu ry body does it
7 : One nigth in love
8 : Little russian
9 : You re my first you re my last
10 : Yokio town



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 4

1 : Duke Lake do you
2 : Casper and the mix ultimate warlord
3 : Chris luis heart of the city
4 : lime brand new day
5 : David Langs tom boy
6 : sexual shop boys big tits
7 : IvonneKomen last night
8 : Kristian Conde dulce vita
9 : Trillon 9 belgian girl
10 : Roger Meno dont go away
11 : Marce i want ypu
12 : Cliff Turner moonlight affair



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 7

1 crash bam boom dressed to kill
2 want me michael moret
3 tunnel of love carol cooper
4 crazy for tour love attack
5 perfecttime rose
6 special love attack
7 myy world sophie
8 can t stop attack
9 americano vivien vee
10 fashion nonane



Coleccion de oro de High energy vol 12

1: Joy Peters One night in love
2: Grant Miller Wings of love
3: Michael London Measured in ines
4: Digital emotion Gogo gellow screen
5: Grant Miller California train
6: Girly Trouble
7: Eddy Huntington Up and down
8: Annie Anner Night in the city
9 Atrium Over and over
10: Far east connection Ready to go
11: Gina Lamour Im gonna make your want me



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 13

1 Measured in inche Michael London
2 The man in your life English boyo n the loveranch
3 Hes number one Fantasy
4 Slice me nice Fancy
5 Play the game ( lolly dance ) Rudy y co
6 No more vision Sly y hunter
7 The girl of Lucifer Monte cristo
8 Please stay with me Sisley ferre
9 U . S . S . R . Eddy Huntington
10 Week end Atrium



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 15

1: Disco connection Born to be alive
2: Camouflage Love is a sheld
3 :Hot line Ready or not
4:L isa smith Sweet fantasy
5:L ive on video Don`t stop
6: Malibu Lust or love
7 :Mitch & Melani Coming for your love
8: Stacey Q two of hearts
9 Tavares Shefreaks out on the floor
10: Topazz Vision love



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 16

1: Elton John Idon ^ ^ t wanna go on with you like that
2: Bobby O How to pick up girls
3: Bonnie Forman I want a man
4: Topazz seduction
5: Nick John Wild thing
6: Below zero Circle of love
7 Splashgang Come take my love
8: Gina Desire Love and desire
9: Diebold & co Your eyes
10: Mike Hammer Divine
11: Oh Romeo These memories (remix)



oleccion de oro de High Energy vol 17

1: amante Be my delight (original mix)
2 :Bardeux Hold me hold me
3: bardeux Three time love (circus mix)
4: Blue Zone U.K. Jackie
5: Marc Almond Tears run rings
6 abby Friday night
7: Splashgang Springtime in italy
8: Sugar Style Give me your love
9: They never sleep Bite the bullet
10: Trisha Bubble gum love



oleccion de oro de High Energy vol 18

1: Quieres quedarte Alan Cook
2: LLegare a ti Charade
3: Paradise mi amor Luna de miel
4 Sonidos en la noche Geraldine Gordeau
5: Ven por tu amor Lime
6 Powerplay Mike Marren
7: Special touch dmc remix Love Gun
8 Run to me Tony Caso
9: Sonrie Why not
10: Mi pequeño japonecito Babys Gang



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 19

1 Planeta nueve Nick John
2 invasion humanoid Laser dance
3 Menergy Patrick Cowlex
4 Hombre megatron deadline
5 Maquinaria radioactive remix Propaganda
6 Nacido para estar vivo Patrick her
7 Juegos de tele Alien
8 Bailando en el video Trans x
9 Zapetos de boogie Claudia Barry
10 Kalimba de luna PepeGoes to Cuba



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 20

1 Culpable Lime
2 Amor automatico Dee D Jackson
3 Tu amor entre mis manos Sylvester
4 somos telepateticos Telepathic
5 Lagrimas de arlequín Ho ho kam
6 Deseo Paul Parker
7 No me mal interpretes Santa esmeralda
8 Baile clásico Orient affair
9 Flashligh Rofo ( de wulf )
10 Comando especial Proxyon



oleccion de oro de High Energy vol 21

1 Muevete Rofo
2 Alcansando las estrellas Life Force
3 Distinto a todos Click
4 Las manos quietas Charity
5 Tu eres el único Tapps
6 Probandolo Richie
7 Doctor del amor Latin lover
8 Tomame A-Ha
9 You spin me round Dead or alive
10 New bree Umstruz


oleccion de oro de High energy vol 22

1 No tienes chance Charlie danone
2 Quedate conmigo India
3 Limelight Jessica Williams
4 Espia de amor Mike Mareen
5 Truenos y relampagos Heat x change
6 No tengo tiempo Miguel Brown
7 Turbo diesel Albert one
8 Bienvenido Jules Tropicana
9 Operadora de éxitos Julie Coulson
10 Dulces sueños Eurythmics



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 23

1 Devorandote Angie Gold
2 Fiesta Julius Brown
3 El gran baile Blue Lazer
4 Buscando Hazel Dean
5 siete días a la semana Rikki
6 Chico pueblerino Bronski Beat
7 Deja que la música toque Shnnon
8 Ardiendo por amor Grant Miller
9 Te voy a querer Lime
10 Me quiere no me quiere Kim Fields


Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 24

1 David lime Play boy
2 Termaw j. y Penzadora cuando comienza a llover
3 Kelly Moore S.O.S . al rescate del amor
4 Ropo I want you
5 Freez A,E,I,O,U
6 Jolo Ultima llamada
7 Tom Anderson Rock dancing
8 Lo verde Amor callejero
9 Nicci Gable Extraño deseo
10 PaulRein Lady o


Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 25

1 Luchando por sobrevivir Shiraz
2 No quiero hablar de eso Pamela Stanley
3 No mas amor Steve Clark
4 Seguro de amor Kru Kuts
5 Luz de estrellas Lauren Grey
6 Fotonovela Ivan
7 Afecto Desire
8 Quieres funk Lian Ross
9 En lo mas obscuro Greg Ston
10 Americano Clik


Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 26

1 Cancion feliz Babys Gang
2 In the dark Angie Dilan
3 Rayo lazer Latin Lover
4 Atras del cristal Clik
5 Cometa 059 Why noy
6 Aglomerados Baby Gang
7 Blue Monday New Order
8 Cecilia Mike Marren
9 Lo seguire Clauja Barry
10 Challenger Babys Gang


Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 27

1 Lover JD Hall
2 One look Jackson Moore
3 When you walk in the room Ramming Speed
4 Deeper and deeper Modern Rocketry
5 Lies King Kong y DJ ungle girls
6 All I want is you Nick John
7 Don’t cry Ken Laszlo
8 I love my radio Taffy
9 Flames of love Fancy
10 China blue Fancy


Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 28

1 Afection Sabby y desire
2 Boom boom Paul Lekakis
3 Coming for your love Mitch an
4 El gran baile Blue lazer
5 Hippy ah oh Asia gang
6 Insegurity Stacey q
7 Let my fall in love Robert game
8 Me assured in inches Michael Lond
9 One look Jckson Moore
10 S o s love to the rescue Dee



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 29

1 Alto y peligroso Click
2 Jump shout Lisa
3 Born to be wilo Jo carol
4 Crazy family Joch haltle
5 Fel the energy Jeaneet
6 Hold bach your love Paul rein
7 Let s break ( pajaro loco ) Mate
8 Melanie The maxhim
9 One night Tommy
10 Samba Johnny C
11 Space hopper Proxyon
12 To be or not to be Jockj hal tle
13 Voulez vous The flirts



Coleccion de oro de High Energy vol 30

1 America Babys gang
2 Boys Sabrina
3 01 Moulin rouge
4 Aghting for our lives Shiraz
5 Hot sun on video Venus
6 Keep dancing Touch of class
7 Light of love Oh romeo
8 Mionight lover People like us
9 Paradise Dance department
10 Seclusion Shallin benson
11 Starlight Lauren benson
12 Tonight Ken Lazlo
13 Luky boys Rubin otis



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